FAshion Designing

Degree | Diploma | Certificate

Fashion Art & Management

ABC Computer Education’s curriculum aim to equip students with knowledge on Design Concept, Fashion Illustration, Textile Design, Pattern Making, Garment Construction, colours, silhouette, proportion, fabric, print, pattern, texture, sampling and construction; the prototyping stage of flat pattern cutting, structure, and embellishment till the promotion of the design.

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Fashion Designing is a standout amongst the most exciting vocation choices in this day and age. It is obvious that in a nation like India, where material and piece of clothing businesses have been prospering for a long time, the current blast in Fashion Designing has prompted advancement and new prospects in the current space of article of clothing and fashion frill design. In the event that you have a preferring for inventiveness, style, and innovation, a Profession in Fashion Designing  can be ideal for you. On one hand, the Fashion Designing  business fulfils both the inventive fancies and the common needs of the general population, then again it guarantees marvellous, notoriety, achievement and High Pay bundles to the capable individuals.



One year course comprises of foundation course.

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